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Sanyo Shows Massive Energy Storage

October 19, 2010

I am in Japan this week touring the newly opened Sanyo Kasai Green Energy Park, a state of the art battery manufacturing plant. Sanyo walked the walk here by demonstrating not only a one MWh capacity roof and side-installed solar panel installation, but a 1.5 MWh battery storage system to suplement factory power, on demand.
The energy storage system at the plant is the equivalent to power 250 homes and reduces key plant power operating costs by up to 25 per cent, as well as lowering the plant’s carbon footprint.
Sanyo is betting the renewable energy sectour will be able to make use of its energy storage capacity. Stores, schools, hospitals and municipalities can benefit with this renewable closed cycle self contained power cycle.

Hiroshi Hanafusa Deputy General Manager of Sanyo Energy systems Division holds one of the 250,000 solar battery cells that make up the newly opened Sanyo Kasai Green Energy Park 1.5 MGw large scale storage system.
It takes several of these cells to power a laptop and about 1000 to power a home. For techies, this post was uploaded from a moving bus in the Japanese country side using a Telus BlackBerry Torch. Steve Makris Photo