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Sanyo Shows Massive Energy Storage

October 19, 2010

I am in Japan this week touring the newly opened Sanyo Kasai Green Energy Park, a state of the art battery manufacturing plant. Sanyo walked the walk here by demonstrating not only a one MWh capacity roof and side-installed solar panel installation, but a 1.5 MWh battery storage system to suplement factory power, on demand.
The energy storage system at the plant is the equivalent to power 250 homes and reduces key plant power operating costs by up to 25 per cent, as well as lowering the plant’s carbon footprint.
Sanyo is betting the renewable energy sectour will be able to make use of its energy storage capacity. Stores, schools, hospitals and municipalities can benefit with this renewable closed cycle self contained power cycle.

Hiroshi Hanafusa Deputy General Manager of Sanyo Energy systems Division holds one of the 250,000 solar battery cells that make up the newly opened Sanyo Kasai Green Energy Park 1.5 MGw large scale storage system.
It takes several of these cells to power a laptop and about 1000 to power a home. For techies, this post was uploaded from a moving bus in the Japanese country side using a Telus BlackBerry Torch. Steve Makris Photo


Moscow with Kaspersky Lab – In Pictures

February 6, 2010

MOSCOW – I was recently invited to the Kaspersky Lab International Press Tour in Moscow, headquarters for the well-known antivirus company. More than three dozen journalists from around the world attended the three-day event in which Kaspersky analysts shared their research on key Internet security threats. But it was not all work as our gracious hosts wined and dined us in Moscow hotspots like “The Old Tower” by Red Square and “The Most” restaurant. There was time for bus and walk tours in Moscow as well, including many colourful cathedrals and the Pushkin Fine Art Museum. Here are a few photo moments from the visit.

I chatted with co-founder Eugene Kaspersky about his push to unmask the Internet and take away its anonymity by getting passport-like ID for Internet users. Eugene’s discussion topics go all over the place and will be published soon. But his product foray in China got him into Chinese calligraphy as he quickly wrote the company brand name in Chinese. Eugene has many faces and likes to celebrate special company occasions, such as the tenth company anniversary in which Kaspersky management dressed up Native American. His co-founder and former wife and current chairman Natalya Kaspersky joined in the photo shoot.

Our workday started with reports from key Kaspersky Lab global analysts, like Stefan Tanase, top left and Dmitry Bestuzhev among others. After, we got our very own police escort through congested Moscow roads to Kaspersky Lab headquarters where research and a 24/7 global Internet security watch takes place, bottom right. On Christmas Eve, the night shift recalled a surprise festive visit by Eugene.

There was much to see and do in Moscow. A walk-about in the Kremlin grounds and cathedrals, top left, and your truly next to a huge Tsar Cannon, took us through Red Square, a double cloud exposure with the new Olympus EP-2. Romance was in the air in Moscow but our trusted guide, Mikhail Vasin, Kaspersky Senior Corp Manager, lower left, took us for a fascinating subway ride through spectacular stations (next montage). It was a full moon cold night at St. Peter Cathedral next to the Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky statue.

Moscow inside, showing architecturally diverse subway stations and the famous Moscow GUM shopping centre, all vertical panoramic photos were taken with taken with the Sony HX-1.

A memorable gala candle-lighted dinner at the popular “Old Tower” at Treatralnaya square had dozens of table pickings, honey baked duck and lamb shin stew. A dynamic singing group sang happy and sad love songs. Our Kaspersky Lab tour guide Yuliya Yudina, Kaspersky Corporate Communications and PR Manager, left and Maria Kokidou, of PC Magazine Greece.

Ten Easy Cellphone Uploads while in Italy

October 6, 2009

Here are ten daily Telus Storm World mobile photo uploads while in Italy last week. I did publish daily in Facebook but  for tech reasons was not able to, here in my blog. Here they are.

1 Rome, making new friends at fountain

2 Rome, Being illuminated at Vatican









3 Rome, Digital Gladiator at Colisseum
















4 Rome, Angels and Demons site at Popolo church









5 Florence, found my long lost twin...David









6 Florence with my butcher buddy
















7 Florence, Vicky and me in the middle of wine country









8 Pisa, I kept it up!









9 Venice, Pickaboo-to!









10 Venice, Vicky and me last night in Venice Grand Canaal