15 million dollar interview

Me and Bill Broadway Stroll at Windows XP LaunchI

I have been writing on technology for the Edmonton Journal in Canada for the past 16 years. One of my most memorable moments was meeting and yaking technology with Bill Gates, three times. This is a self portrait of Bill and I strolling down Broadway at the Windows XP launch in New York. In subsequent interviews with Bill at the Tablet PC launch also in New York and Media Center in Los Angeles, Bill kindly digitally scribled  more comments on “our” photo on an HP Tablet PC. Most fitting! The 2 hours  and 45 minutes of interviews sitting next to one of the richest men in the world is worth more than $15 million of his time. Good thing I didn’t get “Billed”.

My background is photojournalism so one of my favourite topics is digital photography. If I had a penny for every time I was asked, in the office, on the street…even washrooms, what digital camera to buy, I would almost be as rich as Bill!p>

To read my weekly newspaper columns, go to www.edmontonjournal.com or www.canada.com/topics/technology

My direct eMail is stevoid@live.ca


3 Responses to “15 million dollar interview”

  1. Eva Says:

    Where do I start when starting to shop for a digital SLR?

  2. Bev Says:

    I am looking for the article that you wrote regarding lcd’s vs plasma etc. Can you you direct me to a copy?

    Thanks, Bev

  3. Jon Says:

    Hi, I enjoyed your article: “BlackBerry Bold-ly goes to the next level” on canada.com

    I’m just curious, if you don’t mind me asking, how did you figure out you could turn bberry back-up files from *.ipd files to *.xls? I tried it myself, but the file always just shows about three lines of phrase after pharse, each seperated by “###”. I’m using NeoOffice, but I don’t think that should have any relevance.

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