Hey, I’m Back!

Hey folks I am back from a year’s leave from this site. My current weekly blog with GlobalTV, http://www.techuntangled.ca with vid clips from my two weekly Tech Talk segments is my current work regimen, but I will share some of my thoughts here too.

So what do you think of all this Ultrabook craze going on this year? Have they taken over tablets and pads? Not really, but there is a price to pay for these under 2 kg sleek laptops…money and lots of it.

After looking at a few at CES 2012 in Vegas a few weeks ago, I realized that Apple had indeed come out with their version of the Ultrabook more than a year ago! In fact, if you are considering buying an Ultrabook today, check out the specs on the current Mac Air models…they offer more in some respects that might make your hard earned dollar go further.

But if you are a pure Windows user, the Ultrabook re-defines portable computing in the PC world. Check out my most recent review of Lenovo’s first Ultrabook, the IdeaPad U300s and some ¬†interesting comparisons I made with the Mac Air 13.3-inch model at



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