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Make Your Santa Video Message

December 9, 2010

A great way to send a unique online Christmas message to loved ones

Christmas is fast approaching, so if  you are looking for a new way to get a personalized online video message from Santa to a loved one of any age, then check out

It takes less than ten minutes to select from messages and wishes that are inserted into a vido clip of Santa talking to the recipient. You can even include a personal picture which is included in the video. It’s cleverly done and looks seamless with a real nice looking and genuine Santa.

There’s also daily  weather and news updates from the North Pole, sent to you or the recipient.

It’s free but there is a marketing catch, like all things free, from  and which you can opt in or out for future updates. But during the composing process – it asks for your Postal Code – you are presented with a list of suitably smart shops, nearby, for unique gift buying…online or with an analog address to shop for your loved one the old fashioned way.

It’s kinda cool to have a video message from the jolly old man himself (you can also download it for posterity for $4.99) and share it with others.