Useful Accessories for Cellphones

The Otterbox Defender case: Three tough layers warp around a BlackBerry Bold 9700 keeping everything out but your calls and messages. It's the bulkiest of all three case designs.

Checkout these quality cellphone accessories which were shown at the recent CTIA convention in Vegas. I have been trying them out in Edmonton, and although pricier than others, they offer value to consumers wanting the best in protection for their cellphone investment and screen  “analog” privacy in airplanes and close encounters elsewhere.

Otter Box cases: they come in several types for many phones.

In contrast, Otterbox Commuter case, is slimmest case, featuring a thin silicon layer and an included optional flex plastic casing that keeps the rubber one snug in all the right places. This is the best model for pockets.


The Otterbox Impact is the second thickest one-piece flex protection for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 with re-enforced corners. It works best on slippery surfaces including moving cars with its jet-black silicon rubber.


The 3M Moblie Privacy Filter available for most BlackBerry models sticks on your cellphone screen which looks dark from anyone looking at it next to you. It works better for larger screens, as the embedded texture for doing the darkening is noticeable in smaller screens. 3M tells me screens will be available for the iPhone, the ideal size screen for these filters, availabe this summer.


Check out my feature on the newest smart phones with cool messenging features at


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