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One Hot Intel Chip

March 11, 2010


In my work, computer chips come and go, but occasionally, new technology throws a nice bone our way.

Case in point, Intel’s upcoming processor, code-named Gulftown will be available in a few weeks officially, as the Intel Core i7-980X Processor Extreme Edition.

I have been testing it for the past month and I can tell you it simply impresses.

What’s special about it?  

-It’s almost 50 per cent faster than previous Intel chips, sporting a first-time six cores which with the featured Hyperthreading, has 12 processing threads churning away.

So, think about your current Core Duo PC on steroids…times three.

It’s built on Intel’s newest 32 nanometre technology, basically cramming more transistors than ever in the same space as before, with the immediate benefits of running on less power and heat. But when the afterburners kick in, look out!

Unlike past Intel new processor releases, the i7-980X offers the biggest performance jump I have seen. Compared to the previous king-of-the-hill i7-965 and 975 Extreme chips with the same DNA, the i7-980X 3.3 GHz with 12 MB Intel Smart Cache, totally smokes its own competition.

All this in a chip die size 248mm square, crowded with1.17 billion transistors with Turbo Boost to boot.

Moore’s Law lives on with this chip as does the same old Intel lot price of $999, worth every penny.

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