Is LED TV a new kind of TV?

Since my last two TV stories, I have received emails asking me about what the new LED TVs are about. Even TV stores I frequently visit, are getting questions from consumers asking to see the LED models.

So listen up folks. LED HDTVs are still LCD TVs but instead of the traditional panel lighting source, they use LED light instead. It’s brighter, offers wider contrast, energy efficient and displays pure whites. Most LED  LCD TVs use backlight LED, where the LED lamps are evenly spaced out behind the glass panel. But with some smart engineering, like Samsung’s new one-inch-thick UN46B7000 46-inch LED LCD TVs, you get the best of both worlds…anLCD on steroids that is a third the thickness of competitors and looks just as evenly lighted as backlight LCD LED sets.  To read my latest story on what is new in TVs in stores now, go to:


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