Back in the Saddle

Technology get’s better and cheaper with time, but that’s not the reason Apple’s new iPhone 3G is available at Rogers for $199.99 with a three year contract. You can thank AT&T, south of the boarder and Rogers following suit, for forging ahead with a new business model that will make Internet-capable cellphones more affordable and commonplace.

How does it work? Instead of charging the customer a lot more upfront for the new iPhone, AT&T decided to eat several hundred bucks, make the hot iPhone super-affordable and get its money back on customer contracts and additional service charges.

That’s smart thinking. This could even make other pricey smart phones like the Blackberry more affordable. By the same token, a common place cellphone on the same business model would drop down in price so much that the cellphone providers would actually pay you to own a phone! Sweet, but that isn’t going to happen, is it.

The iPhone will also be available without a plan at three times the cost.


When I first interviewed Bill Gates at the Windows XP launch in New York in 200, I asked him what hot new technologies would change computing. He accurately predicted solid state hard drives that take up less room and energy and run computers faster. He also said that flexible computer displays on magazines and newspapers would revolutionize how and where we read information and see pictures. Bill was seven years ahead of his time. Several laptop makers like Apple, Lenovo and Bell now make 64 GB solid state drives, soon available in 128 GB size. And next month’s Esquire’s cutting-edge battery operated e-paper cover will feature animation and changing information. You can even bend it. My question to Bill now is, how do you recycle e-paper?


Please excuse my absence folks as I was away overseas, attending a private family gathering, deep in Greek analog country, that saw the untimely loss of my mother-in law, a much loved Eva Dascollas, a dynamic woman who in her 80’s still hiked Greek mountains gathering tea and herbs and baked a mean loaf of bread, not to mention other Greek desserts and goodies. She drew her last breath on the evening of July 28 in her family home in the hillside village of Kastri surrounded by loving family in a room filled with the air and sounds of a sadly fading way of life. But I had her set up with her very own hotmail. Although she never touched a mouse, I wish I could set up and redirect her new email. It would be


Me and my mother-in-law Gia Gia Eva showing off my hi-tech dandellion exctarctor. She prefered the anolog version...a small knife and her hands.

Me and Gia Gia Eva showing off my hi-tech dandellion exctractor. She prefered the old fashioned analog get-on-your-knees-hands-in-dirt technique!




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