art and technology fusion. Raoul gives the one-hand holding test on the new Envy 133, a .70 inch -thick, fast booting, slick laptop that has HDMI output, built-in dual boot for your choice at bootup, eSata external connector. Very cool very must have.

Rahoul Sood CTO Voodoo will bring some competition to Apple’s Air with a .70 inch thick, multiboot, HDMI video out, external eSata and quick boot modes incuding built-in Linux and Windows. (Steve Makris Photo)



I was one of the invited 600 journalists and bloggers to HP’s Connecting Your World three-day event in Berlin, Germany, where a whole pile of new products, coming this way in the next several months, were launched.

This included 17 notebooks from value to ultra slick models, cool Voodoo laptops and gaming desktops, a walkup computer for the kitchen and more.

You wouldn’t know this was an HP event if it wasn’t from the signage.

Gone is the old monolithic HP of yesteryear. Say hello to an ultra-chic company that is eying the next value customer, the Net Generation.

Mind you, HP still has its business model going but consumers like you and me will see new products with design and function in mind.

-Take the HP TouchSmart All-in-One for example, $1,399, available in Canada in August, let’s run many functions just using you finger for touching and swiping on the 22 inch bright wide screen display. The touch program is actually a shell running on Vista 64 bit and you can easily switch between the two.

This is HP’s second generation walkup computer with noticeable hardware and software improvements. It’s an ideal walkup computer for everyone to use in the household, best suited on the kitchen counter. You can get into photos, music, video, games, the Internet (YouTube too) family calendars and more. Stay tuned for a review when I get to play with one in my kitchen. Check out my experience with the HP TouchSmart in Berlin at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBCxYhUF1Qg

-HP notebooks from affordable Compaqs to the EliteBook which from the name, says you have arrived. The magnesium alloy chassis that is bonded with aluminum which is virtually scratchless and the anodized aluminum palm-rest surface along with the metal alloy hinges and reinforced metal pins and hooks speak volumes to the quality of this laptop. The HP 3D DriveGuard protects hard drives from sudden dropage or any sudden movement on any axis and vibration. This even works when you are in ready or enhanced state too. I want one of these puppies too.

-And what can I say for HP’s acquirement of Calgary based Voodoo and branding under the same name. The new Voodoo Envy 133 is one sweet ultra-light and thin carbon-aluminum chassis laptop at 0.70 inches thin. It keeps slim by having its Ethernet port built in the power supply, boots in seconds and gives you a choice of which OS to use, Windows and Linux, both included. It has a fully functioning auxiliary LCD screen and will be priced just over $2,000.

-HP’s new DreamColor monitor, in collaboration with DreamWorks, showed an billion-colour, backlit, flat panel, 24 inch LED display ment for professional graphics studios like DreamColour who showed us behind the scenes video from their newest hit:  Kung Fu Panda. The animation folks at DreamWorks had to scrounge around eBay to find the fast-disappearing CRT monitors to finish their last project as traditional LCD flat panels with only millions of colour display capability simply don’t cut it. I want one of these too, if I can spare four grand, a bargain compared to other makes. A short 3D animation from DreamWorks blew our socks off. The company said they plan to make all future projects in 3D.  

-HP is getting hip. The marketing division is hiring young folks and is embedding itself with the Net Generation crowd. Check out www.mtvengineroom.com  an HP – MTV collaboration that features a first-of-its-kind online reality show.

But if HP wants to shed its older looks as it has their new laptops and jump into youthful hip websites, they had better get a fashion dress consultant for the company execs…we saw a lot of ties and suites at the show…that just don’t fit in with the next gen folks!






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