CTIA 2008…cellphone heaven!

I saw some great cellphones at CTIA 2008 in Las Vegas, but many of them won’t make it to Canadian cellphone providers. Samsung quietly showed more than half a dozen European models at the private Showstoppers event Monday night with sophisticated features like your own widget-dragging onscreen featured on the gorgeous SGH-480 and a cool morphing screen feature on the “Soul” slider that changes onscreen button functionality depending on what you are doing.

The Moto Rokr E8 which should be a no-brainer for Candian Cellcos, hides buttons that are not needed for specific functions. Like when pressing the music shortut, the numeric keypads go dark and the player control buttoms light up. The circular Omega wheel, ala iPod, allows you to quickly scroll through any lists in many apps. I bet you it will be out by this summer.

Sony Ericsson showed improved features on its Canadian “shake” phone. The W760 handset has all the smart moves and is a world phone to boot. You can control volumes, change to next or previous song strack or scramble the song play order, all by shaking the phone in certain directions. I have to hand it to Sony Ericsson. Just minutes before the CTIA Wireless 2008 show closed I ran into Sony Ericsson’s channel and product marketing analyst Farhad Esmail check out the competition at the LG booth. It pays to know your enemies! 

 Nokia announced a non-cellphone device, the N810 Internet Tablet WiMax Edition, a 4.13 inch horizontal ultra-sharp screen and ready for Internet connectivity and easy typing on a well layed-out slide-out keyboard. Nokia hoisted a bunch of us tech scribes strapped on a large platform 180 feet high. They called it the Nokia Internet Cafe in the Sky and I tell you, I had a tough time trying out the bolted  N810 with my feet dangling and little people far below. Nice idea for a product launch but this cafe only served up fast Internet, no coffee or dessert.  Check my self-shot stevoidstickcam video link on YouTube.


I tried out Nokia’s soon to be released Maps 2.0 on a Nokia’s N95 8 GB 5 megapixel GPS slider phone. Its pedestrian mode kept track of my walks down the strip to meter-accuracy. I followed my virtual “bread crumbs” the program leaves onscreen to find out where I started from and it was bang on.

Pepcoms put son great technology showcases at major tech events, including the recent CTIA Wireless 2008 in Las Vegas. Not only did their mobile focules show serve up great technology but also an awsome martini ice bar…cheers! http://www.youtube.com/v/pjhLS2-oZU4 On the way back home from CTIA 2008 I was impressed with the frankness of a US Airways flight attendant who left me speechless. While she was explaining the ins and outs to me and fellow passengers about our required duties sitting on the emergency exit row, I jokingly asked her if there was a test to follow. Her reply: “No test, just a final exam and it will count.” Touche’

Check out my Edmonton Journal Story on CTIA 2008 cool gizmos I saw at  www.canada.com/technology


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