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 Phone Ticket Stub


Your cell phone is now your ticket stub to Canadian concerts. Rogers in association with Live Nation, let’s you buy select seats for upcoming concerts using your cellphone. Any Rogers phone will work as long as it is WAP 2.0, MMS and SMS capable. Once you go online to the Rogers Music & Tones web site with your phone and order your tickets using a credit card, you get a confirmation text and picture message of a 2D bar code which is scanned at the concert site. You can even send that image ticket stub to any other carrier MMS capable phone for someone else to use instead. Currently only Simple Plan concerts in Canada are available with Rogers Wireless Box Office, with more performers to come. You also pay standard SMS and MMS rates as well as a $1.00 processing fee. No more losing or misplacing your concert tickets, unless you lose your phone! For more information go to: www.rogers.com


I will be attending the big cellphone CTIA show this week in Vegas. The last time I was at a CTIA show, with some 60,000 active cellphones in one building, I couldn’t get a call out due to wireless networks limited capacity to handle the traffic. Ironic.



LG just launched its “First True Touch Phone” series In Canada, along with a survey that says:

•18 per cent of Canadians would like to touch the Stanley Cup (of this group, more men than women would be eager to do so, 24 per cent compared with 11 per cent).

•11 per cent would like to touch the Hope Diamond, and of those more are women than men (14 per cent compared with 8 per cent).

•When asked about forbidden items they would like to touch given the chance 29 per cent would have a hard time resisting freshly poured cement on a sidewalk. A nearly equal 27 per cent wouldn’t be able to resist the allure of the gleaming finish on an Aston Martin. Of those most attracted to the Aston Martin, the majority were men (34 per cent compared with 22 percent).

•Eighteen per cent of respondents wouldn’t be able to resist touching the hat of a guard at Buckingham palace, while 15 per cent would be tempted by a perfectly decorated wedding cake. And 11 per cent have to fight the urge to sneak in the touch of a nude sculpture in a museum.

I won’t tell you more about the phones since I haven’t touched one and you can’t buy them yet.

A Telus insider told me how frustrating it is when phone makers strut their new hardware before cellphone carriers have any in stores.

I wonder what the survey would say about how many Canadians would be disappointed if a new cutting-edge phone was “announced” but not available in stores yet.

Anyways, the currently “untouchable” phones will eventually be at Rogers, Bell and Telus shops. For more info go to: www.ca.lge.com.  


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