About HD, Sony’s Mighty Tiny TV and getting my Curve Mad!

HD-DVD’s Last Breath

I am still getting emails on whether folks should buy Blu-ray or HD-DVD players. By now everyone should know that the HD-DVD corner threw in the towel. Even if someone gives you an HD-DVD player it will prove costly to you in the near future. A quick drive through Blockbusters in the Edmonton region shows some outlets with no more HD-DVD rentals. Future Shop and Best Buy now have twice as many Blu-ray movie titles as HD-DVD and the shrinking trend of HD-DVD title availability will continue. If you own an HD-DVD player start shopping around for soon to be $10 titles in Canada, already showing up south of the boarder.

Looking for deals? Keep visiting movie stores as many will put on hot HD-DVD sales with no warning, just to clear old stock.

I was a fan of HD-DVD because they had great features in their players and movie disc special features as well as Internet connection. They were years ahead of Blu-ray for consumers.

But it’s over folks. Just like Toshiba wisely decided to quickly pull the plug on HD-DVD, so should you on spending any more money on it, other than real cheap movies you always wanted to have.

Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL and Google

Here is the short story. Microsoft is having informal merger talks with Yahoo following its unsolicited bids to buy the company for more than $40 billion. AOL spent $850 million to buy social network site Bebo and its owner Time Warner, is making the moves on Yahoo too.

Here is the short ending. Money talks, so expect Microsoft to swallow up Yahoo leaving AOL with a distant third networking site that hasn’t quite figured out how to make money on online advertizing. So we have a match made in heaven and a doomed match made in…

Is That a TV or a Toy?

Sony just sent me its very sexy OLED XEL-1 HD TV. The box was huge but I was surprised how small and thin the TV is, almost toy-like. Look for a review in next Saturday’s EdmontonJournal.com. For its $2,499 price tag you can buy a traditional 50” flatpanel. I plugged it in to my Samsung HD Duo player today for a few minutes and it is pretty awesome picture-wise and has great sounding speakers for its tiny size. Not exactly a family room centre piece. Is it worth the money? I will be busy messing with it over the next few days.

Driving Backwards Confuses GPS

I recently got back from a weeklong stay in Miami Beach and DisneyWorld. I did a lot of walking and driving, using Rogers BlackBerry GPS Curve and the $10 monthly Telenav voice direction software. It worked perfect, to the last meter, whether walking to a restaurant in Miami or driving through the maze of roads at DisneyWorld. But I did manage to mess with its head on one occasion. I missed a turn at an important Orlando intersection one evening and being that no other car was around, I quickly backed up a hundred meters or so to take the right exit. Well, I tell you, my GPS didn’t know what to do. It went berserk, trying to reroute me and than not understanding I was driving backwards for a while to get on the right route. My Curve is still mad at me.   


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