Saturday thoughts


The swift pullout of the HD-DVD standard will have long-lasting economic fallout on consumers and the industry.

Take Sanyo’s very impressive palm-size HD1000 1080i recorder. Sanyo had an HD-DVD solution for offloading the large size video files off camera (using SD memory) on HHD for storage and future viewing.

Scrap that plan. Sharp says a Blu-ray solution is in the works.

Check out my review on the HD1000 at: 

What about HD-DVD prices? Will they drop? Unlikely. The home DVD industry is a $24 billion business. Frankly, I would never waste my hard earned bucks buying a DVD movie of my own, to keep and maybe watch a few times. This notion of “keeping” you very own title forever in a nice box sells a lot of DVDs. I would rather just pay for watching the same show, online or rental, and spend my savings elsewhere.


The same Edmonton Journal Saturday column also talks about reducing carbon footprints when leaving computers on overnight. The folks teamed up with Microsoft to show how Vista’s default energy saving mode can slash electricity costs and keep our air cleaner.

Check out Microsoft’s Home Magazine smart article on “greening” your


This past week, Bill Gates was quoted as saying Microsoft is prepared to shell out more than $40 billion for Yahoo’s people, not the company’s business assets. Gates values smart propeller heads and thinks the cultural differences between Microsoft and Yahoo are negligible. How many of those Yahoo engineers do you think will stay on if Microsoft gobbles up Yahoo? Much of their driving force to create Internet-based software was to outdo Microsoft, not just Google. If Microsoft succeeds in buying Yahoo, it will have to lock the company gates to keep Yahoo’s best minds from walking out. Money can buy great tech minds, but can it buy their hearts?




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