What happened to film cameras?

I visited my wife’s family in Calgary this past weekend. I was shouldered with the task of replacing my mother-in-law’s failing 35 mm film point-and-shoot camera.

Piece of cake, I thought. But to my astonishment, there was no 35 mm camera to be found, other than one-time-use cameras. Specialty photo shops have a scarce selection. The 35 mm camera has all but vannished. This is too soon.

I considered getting the simplest digital camera I could find runing on AA batteries, a must for light travellers like her. Even so, that ment adjusting to a camera with a whole pile of buttons, any of which, if accidentally pressed, would result in long distance phone calls for help.

Why, I ask, can’t camera makers come out with a simple digital camera with a power button, and shutter with auto flash? Must we have all these choices?


2 Responses to “What happened to film cameras?”

  1. Bob Vergidis Says:

    Great point of view Steve (also nice seeing your blog)! It reminds me this cell phone provider in the US that is selling a cell phone that “only” makes phone calls. No camera, MP3 Player, Email, Calendar, etc. It only has a dial pad big enough to use, and guess what? No ring tones … it rings like one of them old fashioned land phones. I think it is genious and hopefully someone will read your block and make a baby-boomer camera that only takes pictures. Oh my god, what is next? perhaps the dis-convergent end of the world? 🙂

  2. Tim Clark Says:

    We’re just in the wrong country Steve! I just returned from Prague where the very best photo store in the coutry featured 95% film cameras over it’s four floors. They had one display case with digital. Down the street a ‘used camera’ store carried nothing but film cameras. Both stores sold antique cameras as well.
    Glad to hear you are well and retired (sic). I may too when I hit your mark in two years.
    An old friend
    Tim Clark

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